Shipping and return policies for Jeff Wichmann

Shipping Info
Your 100% pure digital Compact Disc will be driven to a USPS station, handed to a clerk, stamped, thrown in a bin, loaded into a truck, driven to bigger USPS station, sorted through a conveyor belt thingy, tossed into another bin, loaded onto another truck, driven to Chicago O'Hare Airport, loaded onto a plane, flown to your city, unloaded into another truck, driven to your local USPS station, sorted into a bag, given to a postal worker, driven to your house and placed in your mailbox. Enjoy!
Return Policy
You'll love the CD and want to keep it well into the new Stone Age when everyone will have digital implants and any physical form of recorded music will be transferred through brainwaves. BUT, if for any crazy reason, your CD arrives all messed up and stuff, email a pic of the mangled product and another will be sent out. Cool?